The American company Amazon is the largest in the e-commerce industry, the scale and popularity of which is growing day by day. Our company specializes in the delivery of goods to Amazon across Europe, England, and America, and offers customers a full range of services to prepare, process and dispatch goods to Amazon warehouses.

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform with over 310 million active customers. Amazon provides a service for storing, packaging and delivering goods using the marketplace Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Also, the seller can do all this independently within the framework of the Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) program.

Cooperation under the Amazon FBA program implies that the seller does not actually participate in the goods processing procedure – they do not pack it, do not store it, do not organize shipping or delivery. The dispatch from the manufacturer to the Amazon warehouses is carried out by the manufacturer itself. Processing and delivering goods to Amazon warehouses is very resource-intensive for a company, it is required to comply with an incredible number of rules and conditions, at the same time carefully monitor their implementation, both on their part and for their contractors. If you need a hassle-free delivery of goods to the Amazon warehouse, opting for Gold Solution is a great solution. As part of this service, we are ready to offer:

  • packing orders in our warehouse in accordance with the requirements of Amazon;
  • entering and tracking of goods in the SellerCentral information system;
  • transporting goods to Amazon warehouses in Europe, England, America in accordance with the terms of Amazon for the delivery of goods;
  • when delivering goods to America or England, we can also offer customs clearance of the goods.

When choosing us, you will get:

  • optimal transport costs;
  • improving the quality of delivery and reducing the time;
  • support in solving emerging issues and problems 24/7;
  • best delivery option, depending on the characteristics of the cargo.

Gold Solution employs specialists who have experience in organizing deliveries of goods to Amazon warehouses, and provide high-quality services when sending goods to the marketplace. Gold Solution is a golden solution for those who value responsibility and a competent approach to logistics.

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