Road transport

Gold Solution offers services for transporting goods of various sizes by road. For everyone, we select the ideal method of cargo delivery, taking into account the dimensions and specifics of the goods. Our experts make sure that your goods are delivered to the destination in complete safety, and within the agreed time frame.

Sea transport

In this service segment, our company is ready to offer the delivery of goods to your warehouse from any port in the world, through the ports of the Baltic States. We use all types of containers and provide the possibility of reload. The container shipping sector has been struggling lately, but with the help of a network of trusted partners (agents) we can offer container shipping options at the best prices on the market.

Air transport

Today, delivery of goods by air is one of the most popular services. Despite the fact that the method is somewhat more expensive than the others, it’s attractive thanks to its efficiency. Gold Solution, offering its services in the field, cooperates with qualified avia agents. We deliver goods to any destination in Russia and Europe, incl. door-to-door deliveries.

Logistic outsourcing

This service is for those who don’t need logistics services all the time, or need them irregularly – for companies that are mainly focused on their core activities, but whose need in logistic support either increases or decreases, based on the sales results. So, keeping a permanent staff of logistic managers is impractical, and companies turn to external providers, who, on a contractual basis, provide a full range of outsourced logistics services. This type of cooperation is also offered by Gold Solution. More than 5 years of experience in cooperating with international trade enterprises makes Gold Solution an expert in the field.

Customs clearance

Gold Solution has a very extensive list of partners in the field of customs clearance, and we can offer our customs services in Europe, Russia, England and America.

Warehouse services

Warehouse services offered by Gold Solution to its clients include the following areas – consolidating, reloading, palletizing and labelling of goods in warehouses in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. At the same time, we provide full documentary support for your cargo, taking into account the current regulatory legal acts in the industry.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is one of the oldest and most frequently used types of insurance. In order to avoid unplanned financial losses during transport, cargo insurance has become a necessity. This type of insurance is designed for the owners of goods and freight, carried by various types of transport, and allows to compensate for losses associated with damage, or loss of cargo, regardless of the presence of the carrier's fault.

Financial intermediary services

For many modern companies that strive for success in the international trade industry, it can be difficult to independently cope with the organizational issues in their activity. Especially when you need to understand the conditions and context of a particular market. For this, there are intermediary services, that are also offered by our company.

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